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  1. Find out how to connect your MacBook to a TV
  2. How to Connect Your MacBook to a TV | PowerMax
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So why not connect a second display to your Mac? While it's generally easy to set up a second screen, there are a few issues that might cause your display not to work, and we will also offer solutions for these.

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A final note before we start. If you have had issues getting your second display to work let us know.

Find out how to connect your MacBook to a TV

In September Apple will be releasing Catalina, the next version of macOS, and when it does it will be possible to use an iPad as a second screen alongside your Mac. We look at how to use your iPad as a screen for your Mac here. You can also select 'Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available' and you will see a status menu in the menu bar making it easier to turn this off and on again. Here's how to do that: How to view your Mac screen on a TV. If you are using your Mac with an external screen and want to close the lid on your MacBook here's How to use MacBook with lid closed, stop closed Mac sleeping.

The adapter you require depends on the model of Mac and the type of monitor. Apple has implemented quite a few different port types over the years, and your Mac desktop or MacBook might feature any of the following:.

How to Connect Your MacBook to a TV | PowerMax

Mini DisplayPort was announced by Apple towards the end of This is what Mini DisplayPort looks like. The Thunderbolt port, first introduced in , looks the same as Mini DisplayPort and is backwards-compatible. Thunderbolt has appeared on Macs since around , so if your Mac is from after that year, chances are it offers Thunderbolt rather than Mini DisplayPort, although the two are compatible.

In Apple introduced Thunderbolt 2, which is faster than Thunderbolt 1, but the port is the same. Speaking of which, now that you've identified which port your Mac has you need to check the port on your display, it is likely to offer one of the following:. VGA connectors transmit analogue signals. This conversion from digital to analog and back again can cause degradation of video quality. VGA will carry HD video but only analogue audio.

There is also a long pin which may be surrounded by four other pins which are required for audio in older models. HDMI 2. As we said above, there are a couple of Macs that have shipped or in the case of the Mac mini, still ship with an HDMI port. If you purchased the Apple Thunderbolt display, which was discontinued in , then your monitor has a Thunderbolt 2 port, as seen above.

How to connect USB-C devices

As we said above, the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports are identical, so if your Mac has one, you will be able to use any monitor equipped with either port. More monitors are likely to be featuring USB C ports than Thunderbolt 3 ports, although Thunderbolt is faster and can take more power. USB-equipped displays are likely to be cheaper than Thunderbolt options, too. For more information about ports, here's a run down of some of Apple's different port types. Now that you have established which port your Mac and display have, you will need to find a cable to connect your Mac to the monitor.

This cable doesn't need to be from Apple, but it will need to have the right connections.

How to connect Macbook Air to TV/Monitor with HDMI cable

However, it's likely you will require an adapter if you want to connect to a display that uses VGA or DVI, but before we get onto adapters there's one other thing you will need to consider when buying a cable or an adapter:. You need to check whether the connection on the back of your display has female or male endpoints.

The Apple adapters are female, so if the port on the back of your monitor is also female in other words has holes not spikes you will need a male to female adapter. Archived from the original on 23 March Retrieved 30 April Feb 24, Microsoft Store. Audio and video connectors.

List of video connectors.