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Myst V: End of Ages

This extra space is only needed during the installation process of the game. If none of the above help, you can attempt the more technically-involved procedure developed by Lucas Carlson. Your problem may be mentioned! For some reason it is not in my DNA. However I love Myst. I have every game in the series, and those are about the only games I own. Today was my birthday and my brother got me the 5th Myst in the series. It is for informational purposes only and mainly takes place on the command line within the Terminal.

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Also, it's been noted thanks, AlienCollective! This is the place that caused the pesky error. What happened is that Intel Macs currently are missing a Java library that will provide the installer with a list of partitions for the computer. All we have to do is hard code that list and we are home free. Change it to look as follows.

Myst V: End of Ages

Back to the command line. Now it is time for all the Intel Apple-heads to enjoy the Myst V installer like a first class citizen. There is one more thing though. The same library that gives the installer access to a list of partitions is the one that allows you to set applications as executable.

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This is why you need to do a little hack to get Myst V running on Intel Macs too. To fix it, go back to the command line, type cd and then the spacebar. Now find the Myst V program and drag it into the Terminal window and press return. This blog is written by Lucas Carlson Send feedback to lucas rufy.

I'll keep on trying today, but if any resident mac users have solutions, don't be afraid to share! My Myst V Mac Installer application is now available for download.

Myst 5: End of Ages Mac Demo Released – The Mac Observer

I'll look over the instructions for IV again, and attempt to puzzle it out. It seems to be a kind of random thing that works for some and not others. Though Luc's method did work for the install here as well.

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Jb4 software for mac. If the game lags too hideously when I get it to run, I'll play it on a windows computer.

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